Why Tanzania

Our team will be working in Tanga, Tanzania to install a water harvesting system for the use of a rural community.

Why water? Tanzania’s water situation is pretty dire. Not only does unsanitary water cause over half the disease found amongst the population, many children are forced to drop out of school to go in search of water for their families. There has also been a rise in reported instances of harassment and rape, as women are the main gatherers of water and often walk long distances alone or in small groups.

The government has over a 40 year history of failed water initiatives. And get this: In 2003, the World Bank gave Tanzania an ultimatum to privatize their water or they would lose international aid and funding. So, a British company called Biwater took over Tanzania’s water system. Well, the water situation just got worse and Biwater is no longer in Tanzania. Today, 80% of Tanzania’s potable water has been funded by outside sources.

While we don’t know the community, two general systems have been chosen to focus on during this time. I am one of the social workers in the group so instead of explaining all things technical, you can click on these hyperlinks:

The first possibility involves a water catchment system where rain water is caught and stored in a container(s). The second possibility is a type of sand dam that traps water in sand after a rain. It can even create a small oasis.